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  • Alicesiah
  • Hi,

    May i know what courses do you offer,the fees and intake? Do
    you provide accomodation? I'm from Malaysia and would like to
    take up some courses next year.

    Thank you.
  • Hi ^^ nice to meet you can call me if you have time i will like to go to malaysia my phone 8862 23947159 . 886915694279
    or mail to me :

    sbleven 於 2011/12/14 23:29 回覆

  • Alicesiah
  • Do you have email address to contact?
    happy new year^^

    sbleven 於 2012/01/04 16:03 回覆

  • 悄悄話
  • ramon546
  • 幫你推推,互相推推
    大台北專業男士推拿保健按摩指油壓工作室。完美 優質 溫馨~即時ytw6969 歡迎來電詢問!bhxs